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Keystone Cats - Girls

About Us

My husband and I, the pussies and our lovely yellow labrador are now based in France in the Herault district of Languedoc, between Bezier & Montpellier.

I will continue to sell kittens or rehome older cats to families in UK as well as in France. The pussies have outside houses & runs as well as access to our house and have their twice daily exercise in our back terrace where they can all fraternise with each other depending on the time of year!! They love to explore the flower beds & wood pile and can run about at will in a safe environment. I feed both wet food twice daily along wih the hygiene checks & both water and dry food is continuously available. We are also lucky to have good vets locally and both the pussies and our dog have most of their their nutricianal requirements delivered to the door.My cattery is registered with the GCCF, TICA & LOOF and I am on th Breeders Scheme with the GCCF. 

I only allow my girls to have one litter of kittens a year so I can give all adults and kittens the maximum amount of care and handling.Kittens are always bred indoors and have access to the outdoors when they get old enough and the weather is suitable.

I enjoy both breeding and showing my pussies and have the exciting prospect of attending TICA, LOOF and FiFe shows in the near future! It is a great way to keep a quality controll on ones own breeding and meet other breeders and see their lovely cats too!




A member of the GCCF breeders scheme